Managing water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems

The SHui (soil hydrology that underpins innovation) project has started its journey from the Rectorate of the University of Cordoba.

During the past days, 24, 25 and 26 of September, the kick-off meeting of the SHui project was held. This project is part of the European Commission’s H2020 program, with a horizon of four years from its launch. The project will be coordinate from IAS-CSIC (Institute for Sustainable Agriculture) in the framework of their investigations.
Throughout the three days, the participants have presented and discussed the planned work packages, along with a field visit and working groups in which plan in detail the project actions for the next 12 months.
SHui is conceived as a network integrating long-term experiments of its 19 academic and SME partners to optimize productivity and environmental sustainability across different environmental conditions and cropping systems in the EU and China.

This project will develop and implement new strategies to increase water use efficiency and yield, based on sustainable intensification through integrated use of soil and water across different spatial scales. These technical approaches are reliant on optimum data utilization and transdisciplinary research among project partners and multiple stakeholders.
SHui will exploit scientific, technological and social innovations by disseminating and communicating these to multiple stakeholders, and implementing novel technological packages from farm to large regional scales.


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