Managing water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems

Local workshop organized by AGRA Řisuty Ltd., CVUT and other partners Řisuty and Ledce – Czech Republic

18-19 June 2019



The field day (also AGRA Řisuty opening day for public) was a local workshop organized by local farm (AGRA Řisuty) cooperating at SHUi. Farmers, schools, and public attended the field day and learned about possibilities of new planting techniques, field trials with different brands but also about water management at the farm. Other cooperating farms presented technological innovations and precision farming techniques.

CVUT partners (Zumr, Krása, Dostál, Tailin, Noreica) organized experimental measurement of runoff, soil erosion, sediment transport, infiltration, and sub-surface preferential flow in field conditions affected by variable compaction (along and across the slope). Rainfall simulator and runoff/infiltration measurements accompanied by extensive remote monitoring via UAV were used within the experiment but also presented to public attending the workshop.

Together with dissemination and information on the research transferred to public, experiments helped to acquire data for Hydrus model calibration within SHui.


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