Managing water scarcity in European and Chinese cropping systems

With this webinar Dr.s Plaas and Bergmann introduce the approach of systems dynamics to analyse real world water-related problems. The background of the method is explained and discussed. The challenges and obstacles to solve real world problems are presented with some examples. This is followed by an introduction into how to evaluate and valuate the trade-offs between current agricultural production systems and future ones. The overall seminar ends with discussion points on how to go forward with research and methods.


The room

The code to attend the meeting: 579493

The date and time: 28th of September 2020, 11 o’clock (European time) = 10 am BST


Dr Holger Bergmann is a lecturer at Göttingen University in the Department for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development.

Dr Elke Plaas is a research fellow at Göttingen University in the Centre for Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use and at the Department for Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. Dr. Plaas’ main areas of work are: socio-economic assessment of soil biodiversity, agricultural policy and environmental economic issues in CEEC and China, agricultural markets, individual farm analysis of farms, bioenergy and rural development.


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